Banjo II

In May of 2012 I did a second collaboration with the amazing Banjo of Arcata, CA. Feeling confident from the success of our first collab the previous August we chose a project that nearly ended up killing us both. Or, all three of us since Banjo's favorite assistant, Tyson, helped us again. The design was loosely based on a Giger sculpture of an alien female. We used hand pulled layered cane for everything, nothing was stock. The scale and complexity soon made us realize we had committed to two weeks of work but only had five days to pull it off. And we spent the first day completing Banjo's new studio, building the bench and running gas lines, etc.

80 hours of work later, 240 man-hours total for the three of us, we collapsed in utter wasted exhaustion after putting her away for the final time. We worked all night the last night, from 10:30AM to 8:30AM, literally without a break. At one point Banjo said to me, "I will quit if you will quit". I replied, "Failure is not an option!" So we pressed on. I could not extend my stay so we had a hard deadline. We made it, but at great cost. It took us several days to recover.

In retrospect, I will not deliberately paint myself into a corner timewise like that again, but I cannot say it was not worth it. The finalpiece is amazing. We are very proud of it. And Simon Abrahms of Chesterfield Art Glass liked it enough to buy it. Price undisclosed. Banjo and I are already talking about next year!




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