In September of 2012, I hosted my first collab in my home studio and was honored to have none other than the magnificent Pakoh here for a week. We came up with a kind of "cyborg" warrior idea and it just developed from there. I made the figure, a female half-robot, and the robot legs. Pakoh built the vehical, a kind of robot walker that she would be standing on. Pakoh also made the severed head of the she-warrior's vanquished enemy. But she did not get off easily. She lost her left leg below the calf and suffered tears in her "skin" that exposed her robotic interior. Pakoh did the masking and sandblasting. We used copper wire to represent the exposed wiring coming out of her wounds and the head of the defeated enemy. We named the sculpture S.I.R.I., "silica-infused robotic intelligence". Click on the image below for more images and details about this completely functional sculpture.

Many thanks to Pakoh for his company, hard work, and ingenuity! Thanks also to Amy for letting me have him for a week! This piece will be exhibited at Pakoh's show at Goosefire Gallery in Long Beach, CA in November, 2012.




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