Marcel Braun and Dellene Perralta

In November of 2012 I ventured back to Eugene, Oregon to work for a week with Marcel Braun and Dellene Perralta, two of the finest artists working in glass in the Pacific Northwest. After a rather intoxicated conversation with Marcel on the first night of my visit, we came up with the eclectic idea of everything evolving from a single dimensionless point - a singularity - and how dimensions themselves are illusions and, well you probably had to be there to really understand. We worked long days and late nights to get all the work done. Marcel fired up his crucible kiln and we pulled a bunch of dark amethyst into triangular curls we used to create the "vortex". Marcel created several bubbles with his patented "retticello" pattern, which I then made into the "double" vessel part of the piece (and later into some dish accessrories). Dellene made some beautiful sculptural figures with her unique "circle of life" patterns. The entire structure was held together with a networked mesh of dark amethyst. The double vessel was then illuminated by Arron Siverson giving the entire piece an unearthly glow. The functional part is the interior vessel that rests in the illumintated outer vessel. It is an ingenius design that works on several levels. This piece was featured at Marcel's Goosefire show in March of 2013 and sold shortly thereafter. It was a very satisfying collab and I cannot wait to work again with these two brilliant artists!




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