In November of 2012, I hosted my second collab in my home studio, this time with none other than Eusheen Goynes, with whom I had worked at Revere Glass School earlier in the year. We came up with an eclectic theme - a "cirque du soleil" style piece celebrating Plato's five forms of matter - the five platonic solids. Eusheen and I first made the little solids out of colored stringer. They were small but very difficult to make. It took me three tries to complete the icosohedron. Then we used some of the superb dichroic tubing Eusheen is so famous for along with a couple of incredible sections of line work - a fillecello and a wig-wag - to build the figure. I made the head out of the dichro and some star white while Eusheen added the delicate lines on the face around the eyes and forehead. I topped it of with a punk-style crest of blue sparkle. The base, and functional portion, of the sculpture was built almost entirely by Eusheen. I made some of the horns but this type of construction is his forte and he naturally pulled if off flawlessly. The final assembly was a moment of triumph. After five days of hard work we finished the sculpture and put her away.

Afterwards we decided to make the platonic shapes into dabbers which the figure would hold in her white hands. The last addition was a beautiful marble made by Eusheen and added to the base. We photographed the piece on the sixth day. On the seventh day, we rested. And were visited by Jay Work of Grateful J in Florida who promptly purchased "Elementia".

Congratulations to Jay for scoring a truly unique and original piece. Many thanks to my main man Eusheen for coming down here to work for a week with me. I learned a ton and came away with a nice payday. We are already planning the next one! Stay tuned!




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