Chris Carlson

In September of 2012 I paid a visit to the uber-talented Chris Carlson of Portland, OR. We spent five days working on an idea we came up with in our preliminary discussions, a nested sherlock style pipe built around one of Chris' signature black and white sherlocks with a "weave" pattern. We made a very large version of the original pipe using the networking technique to imitate the cross-hatch pattern. Chris made a much smaller version in the same manner as the original (which also happens to be functional) that was attached to the side of the original. Finally, a tiny sherlock murrine was placed on the smallest sherlock which brought the final number of sherlocks to four. Thus the title: "Sherlock, Sherlock, Sherlock (Sherlock)". Many thanks to Abe at Northstar for providing us with the jet black and star white we used for this project. Also thanks to Big Dan for making the stand for this piece. Finally thanks to Anthony of Sleek Glass for hosting this collab.

Chris, as it turns out, is a talented photographer. All photos are his.

Click on the image of the pipe for details and information on this collab.

Click on the other image for images of us making the piece.


sherlock process


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